While most of you would think that getting online creating your profile and start sending your resumes to everyone would be the 1st thing to do to get started. It's actually better to take a step back and consider your other needs as well to improve productivity.

3 Tips to Increase Your Productivity While Working Online

1) Invest on High-Speed Internet

Invest on a good connection, go for the fastest one that you could afford This is going to be one of your monthly expenses other than your electric bill that you CANNOT take for granted. So make sure it's something within budget but still good enough for work. If you could go for 10mbps or higher the better. And always have a backup connection. Your smartphone's data or a pocket wifi would be a good backup however not they're not a good option as your main source of internet connection.

2) Create a Dedicated Work Space

It's important to have a dedicated space for work. While it might be convenient and comfortable to work while you're in bed, this is not the best place to be productive. Tendencies are you'll fall asleep or you'll feel lazy. Plus your mind and body will have a hard time differentiating "Work" and "Rest" once you go on crunch time or when you have a deadline to catch. It's always recommended to have a desk dedicated for when you're working preferable outside your bedroom and away from other distractions.

3) Invest on Technology + Software

There's this question I am always asked...Can I still work online if I only have a netbook? My answer to that is...YES, YOU CAN. But consider this, a woodsman is only as good as his axe. If you have a good axe then you cut more trees, if you have a blunt one, you might still be able to cut but not as quickly and not as cleanly. So better invest on your tools.

Softwares are something you should consider depending on the type of work you want to have. MSOffice is pretty basic and prolly should be on top of your list. Programs like Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator might not be necessary for you if graphic design is not your alley. This is something you need to decide accordingly.

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